We’re certain you’ve been here before, “should we automate”? Whether it’s the first time you’re evaluating a project or maybe you’ve kept it on the wish list for a few years, that answer should be a resounding YES! The only question is, what is it costing me for not automating? Let’s break that down.

Does This Apply To You?

We have labor issues, so we’ve contracted a staffing agency to fill our vacant positions. They’re charging us (insert outrageous rate here) above the temp’s base rate to fill the placement. Sure, we spend a lot of time training each new temp, but at least we’ve solved the headache of staffing our vacancies! 

If this sounds like your struggle, why aren’t you looking at automation? Maybe you didn’t know there were robots as a service (RaaS) that could get automation on your plant floor at competitive rates or even below, today’s labor rates. Contact Exact today to learn how you can get the automation you need.

Is This More Your Struggle?

We have a fantastic team who knows our product line and how to get our great products into our customer’s hands. Unfortunately, half of our team is getting set to retire in the next few years, and we’re not having any luck finding the skills to replace them when they do retire.

What should you do here? Automate! Take advantage of these skill sets while they’re still on your team to develop automated solutions to reduce the impacts of your labor force retiring. This will allow your team to retain the tribal knowledge gained from years of experience and open up your business to a more modern skill set that can be satisfied with less staffing, allowing you to allocate your current team to other parts of your process.

Maybe This Happened To Your Team?

We tried automating before, but we had a bad experience, and that automation hasn’t been successful for our business. We don’t want to get burned twice.

If this has happened to you, we’re sorry you’ve had that experience. Unfortunately, some don’t have their customer’s best interests in mind, and those experiences rarely end well. Many notable people in the automation space are dedicated to providing valuable solutions to those who need them, and our team at Exact has a roster full of engineers and technicians who’ve stood in your shoes before.


At Exact, Your Vision Is Our Passion. Regardless of what’s holding you back, cost, labor, past experiences, or anything else, contact Exact today to see what partnering with a team who truly cares about you can do for your business!

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