Turn-key Integration

Robotic Automation Cell

We work with customers to identify the highest return on investment applications.   We work to concept a thoughtful solution considering feedback from the end users.   Our solutions eliminate ergonomic hazards, increase throughput, and improve quality.   After approval on the concept, we set forth designing and building the solution.   Each Automated system is tested and ran-off to customer specifications on our factory floor before it's shipped to our customers.   We provide complete installation services. After installation and factory acceptance testing we provide exceptional support.

Robot Programming

Robotic Simulation

Our robotic engineers make site trips and develop new programs, optimize existing programs, and add new features to current processes.   We can simulate changes to existing equipment to verify change effectiveness.   Every robot that is specified is rigorously simulated to verify robustness.
We're experts in:

  • Fanuc Programming (TP & KAREL)
  • Fanuc iRVision
  • Fanuc Simulation

Robot Service & Repair

Robotic Maintenance

Do you have Erratic Issues?   Can your facility benefit from Preventative Maintenance?   Is your robot down?   We can help.   Our technicians can get you back up and running FAST.

PLC & HMI Programming

Controls Programming

Our control engineers can tackle anything from small feature requests and troubleshooting to complete program rewrites.   Thoughtful programming makes Exact Automation’s systems user friendly. Exact Automation invests heavily in making intuitive user interface screens.   Exact Automation has experts in case conveyor and pallet conveyor logic.   The controls engineering team has the expertise to make intelligent connections to your business network when necessary.


Mechanical Engineering

Do you have a project that needs extra resources to help go smoothly?   Our mechanical and electrical engineers can be contracted to contribute to your projects.

Panel Build

Panel Building

Our skilled electrical assemblers can build clean, organized panels to our customer's specification.