What is a Robotic Simulation?

A robotics simulation uses software applications that mimic a robot’s and other equipment’s behavior, but it does not require a physical robot for its operation.

Using simulators can accelerate the development process, lower the cost of creating a prototype and help evaluate new features before implementation in hardware

Why Use Robotic Simulation? Who Benefits from Robotic Simulation?

Simulations are a great way to check the intended functionality of a system before committing to any significant equipment purchases. If a process requires higher rates or throughput, confirming that a solution can meet those demands upfront is always better. Using simulations can also be beneficial when discussing a proposed solution or project with your stakeholders. Rather than trying to paint the picture of what Automation can do, a simulation can provide a near-real-life depiction of what’s possible.

What Is The Difference Between Robot Simulation VS Modeling?

Robotics simulation and modeling are two technologies used to study how robots and robotic devices will behave in the real world. Modeling tools can help designers understand the functionality and mechanical characteristics. Robotic simulation software allows users to test controls and detect failures before it’s built and tested in the field.

How Does Exact Implement Robotic Simulation?

Exact primarily utilizes Fanuc’s Roboguide simulation software. This tool allows us to check the proposed robot’s reach, speeds, and payload limits during our systems’ concept development and firm engineering. This software tool also provides data points on the use and forces experienced by the robot under the simulated conditions, providing a snapshot of the life expectancy of your investment in its proposed operation.

How To Move Forward

A recent study predicts that 65% of retail jobs could be automated by 2025. This is primarily due to rising costs and wages, tight labor markets, and reduced consumer spending. Robotic Automation has helped increase efficiency, production, and profits while solving current companies’ current stressors. 

Robotics and Automation are the future. Is your business ready? Schedule a meeting with Exact Automation to see if a robotic simulation is an excellent start to help your company plan for long-term growth and future success.

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