What is Robot Palletizing?

Robot palletizing is a fully automated solution that allows you to maximize production, improve quality, and reduce operating costs. Our robots are designed for high-capacity, high-speed operation, and they can be integrated into production lines of various configurations and adapted to multiple pallet sizes and shapes.

What Can a Robot Palletizing System Complete?

A robotic palletizing system can sort products, palletize, depalletize, integrate with ERP/WMS systems, and so much more. These systems are designed to take the burden of heavy repetitive lifting and stacking off your operator’s shoulders.  With this kind of automation in place, you can save time and money while improving the overall efficiency of your material handling processes.

Where are Palletizing Robots Used?

Palletizing robots can be used in any industry. Wherever there is high speed or repetitive lifting of heavy objects, a robot is the answer. Let a robot focus on the non-value add of material handling so your team can focus their efforts where they matter the most.

What is a Depalletizer?

Depalletizers are robotic machines that unload (depalletize) packages or products from the pallet. The depalletizer allows the transfer of products and materials from pallets without operator intervention, saving thus time, money, and effort.


Return On Investment with Choosing Robot Palletizing

Robot palletizing systems are safe and efficient material handling problem solvers. Robotic palletizers not only save time and money but also reduce the risk of workplace injuries due to heavy, repetitive lifting. The most sound investment you can make is the benefits of increased volumes without the need for additional labor coupled with the reduced risk of workplace injury.

Ready to make a move to robotic automation? If you have any questions or want to add robot palletizing to your business, contact Exact Automation!

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