This video showcases robotic palletizing projects that Exact Automation has done. Exact automation specializes in palletizing and material handling.


Full Layer Bottle

These robots work together to palletize cardboard cases of plastic bottles. The system can handle multiple products and tasks at the same time. After the pallet of cases has been built, it exits the system through the pallet conveyor. This pallet conveyor automatically bands and stretch wraps the pallets so they are ready for shipment.

Display Case

The Case conveyor feeds this Fanuc Palletizing robot. The cases get turned by a case flipper and the robot picks them up one row at a time. The Vacuum tool has multiple zones that can be controlled separately to accommodate pallet build patterns. Once the pallet is finished it gets conveyed automatically out of the cell.

Palletizing Shrink Wrapped Containers

This Fanuc Robot Palletizies shrink-wrapped containers. The cell contains two pallet build stations. The product is conveyed into the cell and picked up by the robot. Pneumatic actuators position the product in a consistent position in the robot pick zone. The specialized vacuum gripper allows the robot to have full control over each case when placing the product. The pallet conveyor conveys the finished product out of the cell to an automated stretch wrapper to finish the packaging.