Material Handling

This video showcases conveyor and material handling projects done by Exact Automation. Exact Automation has experience providing and integrating many types of conveyor systems.


Mandrel Winding and Oven Tending

This huge Fanuc M900 Robot tends a carbon fiber winding machine. This robot eliminates the huge ergonomic hazard of handling the 10-foot-long carbon-fiber mandrels. The robot and winding machine significantly reduce the cost of carbon fiber driveshafts.

The robot loads the steel mandrels onto the carbon fiber winding machine. Then the operator starts the winding process. After the winding process, the robot loads the mandrel onto the oven conveyor to cure. Once the mandrel has gone through the oven the robot loads the part onto the outfeed.

Pallet Track Car

This custom conveyor outfeed has a section of pallet conveyor on a track car. This track car saves space and reduces the footprint of the robotic cell. The track car takes away pallets from the robot that is the palletizing product.

Conveyor & Stretchwrapping

This custom robot cell outfeed automatically stretches and wraps finished pallets after the robot has finished packing them. This cell has both pallets in the feed and pallet outfeed conveyor. Exact Automation provides fully integrated conveyor and AGV solutions.

Robotic Lidding

Exact Automation installed a large conveyor system that was integrated with Fanuc Robots. This video shows a case conveyor integrated with a robotic lidder. The conveyor is programmed with the capability of tracking attributes with each case. This conveyor system is linked to case packers and an automatic storage and retrieval system.