Machine Tending

This video highlights machine tending projects that Exact Automation has executed. These projects use Fanuc robots to improve manufacturing and processes. The robots help throughput, reduce hazards, and increase quality.


Eight Lathe Tending Cell

This video features a Fanuc M-710iC/45M Robot on a Gudel track. This setup has the capability to tend up to eight machines. This cell improved the output of these Haas machines by more than 100%. The robot has a cart that can carry up to four in-process parts. The carbon fiber part gets put through two machines with different setups. After the carbon fiber part goes through machine operations it is laser marked with a unique serial number and placed on the part outfeed.

Dual Lathe Tending

This system features a Fanuc M-710iC/45M tending two Haas Lathes. This system has an automated part in feeds and out feeds. The system also laser marks the parts with a unique date-coded serial number. The in-feed & out-feed have the capacity for an entire shift of raw material. This cell improved the quality of the parts by guaranteeing chuck placement of the raw material. The addition of a robot to this process reduced the waste and part price profoundly.

Injection Molding Machine

This Fanuc Robot tends an injection molding machine. This reliable Fanuc robot ensures maximum utilization of the asset.