Custom Robotics

Here are custom robotics video highlights using unique applications of Fanuc Robots. These systems are all designed and built by Exact Automation. Exact Automation use simulation software to ensure the correct application of each robot.


Oven Tending Cell

This huge Fanuc M900 Robot tends a carbon fiber winding machine. This robot eliminates the huge ergonomic hazard of handling the 10-foot-long carbon-fiber mandrels. The robot and winding machine significantly reduce the cost of carbon fiber driveshafts.

The robot loads the steel mandrels onto the carbon fiber winding machine. Then the operator starts the winding process. After the winding process, the robot loads the mandrel onto the oven conveyor to cure. Once the mandrel has gone through the oven the robot loads the part onto the outfeed.

Custom Robotics Sand Blasting

This Robotic cell is used to engrave custom imagery onto glassware. The Fanuc robot moves the sandblaster around the stencil. This results in a high-quality engraving on the glassware. The robot provides consistent movement and a high-quality result.

Robotic Simulation

Exact Automation always conducts a high-quality 3D simulation of each robot application. This ensures that the robot specified will meet all requirements.

Collaborative Robots

Exact Automation has experience applying collaborative robots. We will make sure that they are applied correctly & safely to your application. This video showcases collaborative robots palletizing and depalletizing on the floor of the ProMat trade show. These robots are surrounded by trade show participants. The video also shows an integrated case conveyor.