Case Packing

These videos showcase two of the case packing projects Exact Automation executed. These projects are integrated into large automated systems. The benefits of automated case packing are increased productivity, reduced cost, safer working conditions, and waste reduction. Automated case packing machines are versatile to use across various industries while also being customizable to fit your business needs.

Streamline your manufacturing and have Exact Automation create a solution for you!


Pod Bin Packer

A Fanuc LR Mate and a Fanuc 710 robot work together to pack cases of drink pods. These robots are integrated with a large conveyor system. Fanuc IR vision is used to verify a successful pack of each layer. After the cases are fully packed they get a lid and get loaded into an automatic storage and retrieval system.

Bottle Case Packer

A Fanuc Robot rapidly packs cases with plastic bottles. This automated system forms the cardboard cases. The robot then packs the cases with bottles. The cases are conveyed and get taped. Another robot palletizes the packed boxes. Once a full pallet is built the cases get automatically banded and stretch wrapped as required by the product that is running.