Keep Your Robotic Automation System Running At Peak Performance

Robot maintenance is essential to prolonging the life of your robotic automation system. Here are some tips to help keep your robot running efficiently and at peak performance! 

1) Follow The Manufacturer's Guidelines:

Following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule for your robotic equipment is essential. Following these guidelines will help you avoid costly downtime, reduce the need for repairs, and prevent serious problems.

2) Inspect Your Robot:

Inspect your robot regularly to ensure optimal performance and avoid costly system breakdowns. Often, these issues can be quickly resolved before they cause serious damage to the drives and other vital components of the machine. The consequences of not maintaining your robotic automation system can be costly.

3) Back-Up Your Programs:

Back up your programs! Keep your service running by protecting against damage to files, programs, and online databases. Automate the process with schedule reminders so you won’t miss a beat.

Additional Tips:

4) Performance Visual Check:

This is the easiest tip you can do. A visual check of your robot is the best way to ensure your robotic automation system runs at peak performance. An annual or semi-annual review of the robot’s mechanical and electrical components will help identify problems that may be causing performance issues, so they can be fixed – BEFORE they escalate.

5) Keep Stock Of Critical Spare Parts:

Keep an inventory and stock up on critical spare parts to ensure you have them when needed. This will help provide peace of mind that the robot can always work at its best.

6) Schedule Service:

Schedule the appropriate service and maintenance for your system. Planned downtime for service and maintenance is better than unplanned downtime that costs your business money and stress. 

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