How Exact Automation Can Help Your Business Grow

How can your business grow with automation? At Exact Automation, we offer a variety of services to help our customers find ways to implement automation in their existing and new processes. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most cost-effective and efficient process possible. We build a collaborative relationship first to best understand and support growth in your business.

Turn-key Integration

We work with customers to identify the highest return on investment applications. Our solutions eliminate ergonomic hazards, increase throughput, and improve quality. We provide complete installation services.

Robot Service and Repair

Can your facility benefit from Preventative Maintenance? Is your robot currently down? As a Fanuc ASI, Exact can deploy the necessary resources to handle any field level service or repair that your robot may need.

Robotics can appear expensive and complex to handle. This is why we partnered with DIY Robotics. The DIY Robotics Cells are affordable and standardized to simplify the implementation process. 

Autonomous Mobile Robot

AMR or Self Driving Vehicle does not require tape or a floor magnet to guide the robot like a traditional Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV). Learn more about AMR in the May 2022 newsletter!

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