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Robotic automation can come with many benefits, but if your business is still being prepared for the transition, let Exact guide you through this process.

Here are a few considerations: 
  1. Process
  2. Space
  3. Budget
  4. Timeline
  5. Staffing


Understanding your current process and its pain points can help determine if automation is the best step for your business. Automation can do a lot of amazing things, but what it can’t do is make an already bad process better. Trying to solve existing deficiencies with more automation may highlight them further.


Consider your current process and its setup to identify if you’re giving any new automation the best chances for success. If you’re cramming more equipment into a confined space, you’re potentially limiting automation’s benefits. Think long-term, and identify opportunities to rearrange your process flow to take full advantage of the benefits of automation.


Set and manage expectations. While remaining budget conscious will always be a significant factor in any decision, there may be better markers for determining what to seek with automation. ROI will likely remain the key for project bid selection, but the automation capabilities are equally important in understanding what you’re getting in the ROI number.


While deliveries are improving somewhat, the industry is still catching up to the increased demand for automation. Understanding increased delivery constraints will help you factor the total project lifecycle into your plans.


Do you have the key personnel on staff for automation? This is a common question. You’re likely already set if you have multiple robots and a team of engineers and maintenance staff who understand how to operate and work on that equipment. If this is your first automation cell or robot, you’ll want to ask yourself if you’re ready to leap into automation. A great partner, like Exact, will guide you every step of your journey into robotic automation, but even a great partner can’t be everywhere at all times. It’s critical to your success to have trained staff to operate and maintain this equipment to ensure there is only a short time when something happens.

Bonus Tip

Equally crucial to staffing is spare parts. Ensure those critical components to operations are on your shelf and ready to go should something break. These considerations will help create a better understanding of automation and the keys to success in its deployment. Robotic automation is an investment that can provide long-term growth and success for your business. Exact is ready to help solve your automation needs and create the system to help improve your business needs and goals.


Pro tip from Exact CEO- Jim Mevis

“Focus on specific objectives- Have a clear understanding of your process and where the pain points are. Knowing those critical areas will help focus your efforts on the things that can provide the highest returns for your team. It will also help great partners like Exact to identify the best possible solutions for your business and guide you to meet your goals.”

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