Does Automation Take Jobs?

The rapid evolution of machines and algorithms in the workplace could create 133 million new roles in place of 75 million that will be displaced between now and 2022- World Economic Forum The Truth The impact of robotics and automation on job displacement is a complex topic. While there are concerns and perceptions that robotics will take away jobs, here is the reality.  Robotic Automation in various industries has led to job displacement and transformation. […]

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New Standards and Safety- New Industrial Mobile Robot Safety Standards

Have You Seen The New Industrial Mobile Robot Safety Standards? “With the rapid development of mobile robot capabilities, it’s more important than ever for the safety of human workers to have common safety requirements and expectations for IMR systems and system integrations,” said Carole Franklin, director of robotic standards development at the Association for Advancing Automation The association said the new document: Describes different types of industrial mobile robots and aspects of IMR systems Covers […]

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Myths of Robotic Automation

Myth #1 – Robots Will Take Away Jobs Do robots take away jobs?- Robots are purpose-built for handling heavy lifting, repetitive, or mundane tasks that are either unsafe for an operator or are unfulfilling for someone to do. That said, most automation will still require human interaction to make function, meaning that the operator now gets to perform a more challenging and fulfilling role within production while also allowing greater flexibility to the business as […]

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What Is The Cost Of Not Automating?

We’re certain you’ve been here before, “should we automate”? Whether it’s the first time you’re evaluating a project or maybe you’ve kept it on the wish list for a few years, that answer should be a resounding YES! The only question is, what is it costing me for not automating? Let’s break that down. Does This Apply To You? We have labor issues, so we’ve contracted a staffing agency to fill our vacant positions. They’re […]

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Robotic Simulations- Solving the What If’s of Your Project

What is a Robotic Simulation? A robotics simulation uses software applications that mimic a robot’s and other equipment’s behavior, but it does not require a physical robot for its operation. Using simulators can accelerate the development process, lower the cost of creating a prototype and help evaluate new features before implementation in hardware Contact Exact Why Use Robotic Simulation? Who Benefits from Robotic Simulation? Simulations are a great way to check the intended functionality of […]

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Guide to Robotic Automation For Your Business

Business Guide Robotic automation can come with many benefits, but if your business is still being prepared for the transition, let Exact guide you through this process. Here are a few considerations:  Process Space Budget Timeline Staffing Process Understanding your current process and its pain points can help determine if automation is the best step for your business. Automation can do a lot of amazing things, but what it can’t do is make an already […]

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Fundraiser for Fisher House and Meet the Exact Veterans on Staff

Fundraiser for Fisher House Exact wants to thank all veterans for their service. We know you all served to ensure our great nation’s safety, security, and freedom. To thank all who answered the call to serve, we are holding a fundraiser for the Milwaukee Fisher House. What is the Fisher House? The Fisher House Foundation builds comfort homes where military & veteran families can stay free of charge while a loved one is in the […]

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Keep Your Robotic Automation System Running At Peak Performance

Keep Your Robotic Automation System Running At Peak Performance Robot maintenance is essential to prolonging the life of your robotic automation system. Here are some tips to help keep your robot running efficiently and at peak performance!  1) Follow The Manufacturer’s Guidelines: Following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule for your robotic equipment is essential. Following these guidelines will help you avoid costly downtime, reduce the need for repairs, and prevent serious problems. 2) Inspect Your […]

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Robot Palletizing – What is it, and can it benefit my business?

What is Robot Palletizing? Robot palletizing is a fully automated solution that allows you to maximize production, improve quality, and reduce operating costs. Our robots are designed for high-capacity, high-speed operation, and they can be integrated into production lines of various configurations and adapted to multiple pallet sizes and shapes. What Can a Robot Palletizing System Complete? A robotic palletizing system can sort products, palletize, depalletize, integrate with ERP/WMS systems, and so much more. These […]

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Are You Looking for a Factory Recertified Robot or a Used Robot?

With supply chain constraints, a factory recertified or used robot may be the route you take for your business. Here are the differences and considerations between the two. Recertified FANUC Robot: Like a certified pre-owned car, a recertified FANUC robot comes with a 1-year factory warranty. FANUC guarantees that this recertified FANUC robot will act like a new robot. The robots go through an extensive check-through process before being sold. This robot will be like […]

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